Fire Claims Adjuster

As claim adjusters, we help with almost multiple types of disasters, including fire damage. House fires are extremely dangerous and can be caused by many different things such as, lightning, broken power lines, wildfires, household items, etc. Fire has the potential to do severe damage to homes and businesses and we would to help you claim the belongings that you have lost.

Lightning is a common cause to a lot of fires; when lightning strikes a specific area or object, it emits a lot of heat. When something gets too hot, it has a very high chance of igniting and causing a fire. Depending on the materials, a fire will spread so quickly that it cannot be contained easily. Lightning rods are great investments for Florida beach homes but can be expensive to place correctly.

Another cause are wildfires, which can occur from many different things. When the area is extremely dry, which is considered a drought, it is recommended fires are not started. For example, while camping, extinguishing campfires correctly is important. Leaving fires overnight can cause a wildfire and then it has the potential to burn down homes or even take away a life. There has also been reports of fireworks causing fires and doing severe damage to local homes and forests.

Here at Todd Claim Service, we can help homeowners with their fire claim. Whether it happened by means of lighting striking the home or business, wildfire, or household item, we can help all homeowners. Give us a call today to find out more information or call us if you need to claim your injuries and/or property that was damaged.

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