Hurricane Michael Hits the Gulf Coast

hurricane michael damage in mexico beach

Record breaking Hurricane Michael made landfall near Mexico Beach, Florida on October 10 as a Category 4 hurricane. The pressure makes Hurricane Michael the third-most intense hurricane to make landfall in the US, and the fourth-strongest hurricane with sustained wind speeds reaching 155mph.

After becoming a topical depression on October 7th, it quickly strengthened to a major hurricane in just 48-hours. The damage from Michael is estimated at $8 billion, with the death toll reaching 24 (as of October 12th). The extensive flooding and wind damage has caused houses to collapse, damaged roofs, downed power lines and trees.

Michael’s track did not stop on the Emerald Coast of Florida; it continued to move Northeast impacting Georgia as a category 3 hurricane with winds reaching 115mph. This storm also continued into South Carolina and North Carolina. Hurricane Michael weakened to a tropical storm 12 hours after making landfall.

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