Winter Insurance Claims

Florida winter aren’t as harsh as northern winters, as we don’t experience the snow, sleet or ice too often. However, we do experience other winter issues that may result in property insurance claims.

Two Most Common Insurance Claims During Winter

Frozen Pipes: Although we may not experience the snow and ice, temperatures can still reach freezing throughout the winter season. Damage from frozen water pipes can be disastrous. It takes one burst pipe only 60 minutes to release up to 480 gallons of water into your home. The accumulated water from the frozen pipe can do thousands of dollars damage, and possibly lead to mold growth and damage throughout the property. To reduce the possibility of experiencing frozen pipes:

House Fires: We often see reports of house fires during the holiday season, sometimes due to dry Christmas trees and lights. Winter also forces people to use fireplaces, furnaces, temporary heaters and overloaded electrical components to name a few. Maintenance to these systems will help prevent the chance for these to cause a house fire. If you’ve received a new cooking appliance, be sure they’re placed on the counter with plenty of ventilation room. Never use appliances on the shove.

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