Florida Lightning

Lightning strikes can be a scary thing. They can cause power outages, fires, they can fry electrical components, death, and more. Florida has the most lightning strikes per square mile in the United States, averaging at about 24.7 strikes per square mile. That is a lot of strikes! Florida also averages about 1.4 million strikes a year. Within that year, those strikes have burned down houses, split trees and cause the trees to do damage to surrounding property.

From the year 1959 to 2011, there were 463 deaths from lightning strikes just in the state of Florida. That is the most deaths from lightning out of any other state. Florida also had 10 of the top 15 metropolitan areas with the most lightning fatalities per square mile from 1959 to 2006.

Lightning tends to strike the tallest objects within an area. So if you are one of the tallest objects around you while there is a storm brewing above you, is very important for you to become the shortest object and move to a location inside. Although lightning strikes a lot of trees, we see many cases of home damage resulting in fires, damaged appliances, etc.

Lightning can be very dangerous, especially in the state of Florida. Take shelter when there are strikes around you or if there is a storm. If your house does become a victim of the lightning and your houses catches fire, call 911 immediately. Todd Claim Services works closely with insurance companies along the Emerald Coast to evaluate the damage caused by lightning, fires or other storm related damages. Give us a call today to find out more information.

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