Hurricane Safety Tips

As hurricane season hits it’s peak in October, it is important to ensure you’re prepared for possible damage.

Before a Hurricane

Prior to a hurricane, it is important to build an emergency kit, consisting of non-parishable foods water, batteries, weather radio, important family and pet documents, home insurance documents and more. These kits will give you peace of mind knowing you’re fully prepared for any hurricane.

Take precautions for your home as well, remove all patio furniture, secure all windows and doors by adding plywood or hurricane shutters.

During a Hurricane

During a hurricane it is important to remain indoors, a category 1 hurricane can still result in flying tree limbs, shingles and other debris. Remain indoors until the storm has completely passed; do not go outside while the eye of the hurricane is passing.

After a Hurricane

If you’ve noticed damage to your home after a hurricane, contact your insurance agent immediately to make a claim. Remove any limbs from your yard and replace any patio furniture that was not secured in place prior to the storm.

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