Prepare For Flooding

Todd Claim Service is located in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and have expertly handled many flood related damage claims throughout the years. While flooding can happen in any U.S state and with little notice, Florida’s coastal or low-lying areas are more likely to take on water in a quicker time period. We understand the devastation, helplessness and panic homeowners experience when their home begins to take on water.

Protecting Yourself From Flood Damage

As water is collecting in the front or backyard of your home, you may wonder what steps you can take to protect yourself from a costly loss.

For the exterior to your home there are a few ways to help avoid the possibility of major flooding. Prior to a major storm, ensure your gutters and downspouts have been cleared of any leaves and debris build-up. Create drains to direct water into the roadway or away from your home (French drains, dry well systems and plastic tubes). Another option would be to increase the elevation of your property, by adding fill-dirt. First, remove all plants grass from your foundation; grass can be scooped and reused once the ground has been elevated. Add stakes 4 feet apart and nylon string to create a slope to allow for proper drainage. Fill the area with dirt and roll with a lawn roller. Next, remove the stakes and roll the lawn again. After watering the soil, the grass and plants can be put back into place. For additional information in increasing the elevation of your lawn, read HomeGuide’s Lawn Elevation article.

Inside your home, it is important to move valuables, furniture and documents to an elevated location of your home. Plastic bags placed around wooden furniture legs may help reduce the possibility of water damage and mold build-up, or propped up by using gallon paint cans. If you notice water is increasing rapidly, unplug any electronics and turn power off; it is important to not use gas or electrical appliances until they’ve been checked for safety!

Knowing your flood zone is key to preparing for catastrophic flood damage; check FEMA‘s Flood Map Service Center to search for your home’s address.

If you’ve experienced flooding, give your insurance provider a call immediately. Floods can often result in costly damage and it is important to get your claim resolved as quickly as possible so you begin to recover from any damage.

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