Roofing Types and Replacement

If you have noticed popped or missing shingles or leaking within your home after a summer of tropical storms, hurricanes and heavy rain, it may be time for roofing repair or a brand new roof installation. When replacing your roof, there are many options available, including types and colors.

Roofing Types

The most common roofing type is the asphalt shingle there are other roofing materials available for homeowners.

Asphalt Shingles: The average roof life is 20 years, depending on the weather and temperatures. Over time, you may notice fading or inconsistencies of shingle color.
Slate & Tile: The average lifespan of slate and tile roofing is exponentially longer than asphalt shingles; although they’re more likely to break underfoot and are prone to erosion.
Metal: Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular. These low-maintenance, lightweight and environmentally friendly are available in many colors. (If you notice fading, they can be repainted easily.) These roofs must be installed by a contractor with experience in metal roofing.

Other roofing types include flat roofs, wood shakes and cedar shingles. When replacing your roof, it is important to choose the right type for your home, environment and budget.

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