The Protection of Your Home

With Hurricane Irma’s forecast set to barrel down Florida, homeowners were focused on preparing by purchasing water, non-perishable items, and gathering important home documents.

Hurricane Shutters

When it comes to the protection of your home, especially during this season, hurricane shutters are a great and important investment. The cost of shutters can vary depending on the type of shutter you’ve chosen, from hurricane-proof glass, plywood barriers, metal or accordion shutters.

Metal Shutters are the strongest of the bunch, and yet they will not break the budget. These can be easily removed and put back into place with the proper safety equipment.

Accordion Shutters are attached the the exterior of your home and can be closed with ease by just one person. If aesthetics are important to you as much as functionality, these may be the shutters for you as they are available in numerous colors to match just about any home.

Wooden Barriers plywood can conveniently be purchased and cut down to size at your local hardware or lumber supply store. Simply drill holes in the plywood and on the exterior wall of your home to secure the barriers in place.

Impact Resistant Doors & Windows

Impact resistant windows are manufactured to withstand high velocity winds greater than 140 mph, depending on the type. They’ll add the safety, security, sound and solar protection to your home. Impact resistant glass is made up of three layers: glass, PVB plastic and another glass layer.

Whether you’re looking for a front door or a back door, impact resist doors are made up of a strong polymer interior layer placed between two sheets of glass; metal doors are also available. They can protect your home from debris flying at up to 50-feet per second. Additional shutters on the doors are not required and can help reduce your insurance premium (all windows and doors must be protected for a credit).

When it comes to protecting your home, there are many options available which likely leaves you with many questions. Talk to your insurance company today and begin to put your mind at ease and take the necessary steps to protect your home while also lowering your insurance premium by using hurricane shutters, impact resistant doors and windows!

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