The Strengths of Tornadoes

Tornadoes are extremely dangerous and can also be life threatening. Depending on the size or strength of the tornado, they can do a lot of structural damage. There have been tornadoes that have reached a diameter of 2 miles with wind speeds of 300 miles per hour! It is very rare to see a tornado of that magnitude but they can occur. The standard way of measuring a tornado is using the Enhanced Fujita Scale, which ranges from EF-0 to EF-5.

EF-0 tornadoes have wind speeds of approximately 65-85 miles per hours. These types of tornadoes do minor to no damage at all. On June 21, 2017, an EF-0 touched down in Fort Walton Beach and has caused up to $100,000 in damage according to the damage assessment that was completed by the city. Many homeowners have said their damages exceed the city’s estimate on the damage.

EF-1 tornadoes have wind speeds of 86-110 miles per hours. These winds can cause moderate damage. Roofs can be stripped, mobile homes have been overturned or severely damaged. Loss of doors and windows of houses or businesses.

EF-2 tornadoes have winds of 111-135 miles per hour. These can cause considerable damage. Roofs have been reported as completely removed from well structured homes. Mobile homes have been reported as completely destroyed. Large trees have been snapped or uprooted. Also, cars can be lifted up off of the ground.

EF-3 tornadoes have winds of about 136-165 miles per hour. These wind levels can cause severe damage. Entire houses have been destroyed, severe damage to buildings that have been well constructed, trains have been overturned, cars have been lifted and thrown, and trees have been debarked and uprooted.

EF-4 tornadoes have winds of 166-200 miles per hour. These winds will do extreme damage. well structured houses have been completely leveled and cars have been thrown.

EF-5 tornadoes have winds over 200 miles per hour! These winds can cause total destruction to almost anything in it’s path. Steel-reinforced concrete structures have been critically damaged. Reports have shown that vehicles and/or trains cars have been thrown approximately 1 mile.

Tornadoes are known to develop during tropical storms and hurricanes, which is expected to be busier than average. Todd Claim Services works closely with insurance agencies across the Emerald Coast to estimate the damage caused to your home or property.

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